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Refund Policy

While it is our sincerest hope that you will find your Read Theory assessment to be of impeccable caliber, we would like to emphasize the following highlights of our refund policy:

It is the purchaser's responsibility to use our preview function and free sample assessments to gain an understanding of the appropriate workbook difficulty level for his/her particular application. These previews are accurate representations of the difficulty level of materials found in the corresponding workbooks, and are sufficient to provide such an understanding.

Moreover, Read Theory assessments are offered to teachers for use in their classes absent the need to purchase one assessment for every student. In order to facilitate the transfer of such value to the purchaser, our team must work within tight budgetary constraints. Although we have made our best (and continued) efforts to ensure each assessment is free from grammatical errors, mislabeled answer choices, and the like, and we cannot guarantee this.

For these reasons, refunds for Read Theory assessments will not be issued for:

  • improper level judgment
  • minor errors or flaws in workbook
  • issues involving style or personal preference
If you perceive any errors in your assessment, contact us (citing the assessment title and any other pertinent information) and we will promptly fix it and send the updated version to you via email.

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